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Do you frequently desire your fantasy kitchen? Does it actually incorporate the words “small” or “compact”? Likely not. However, you are on the right page, we will help you to have a small kitchen design to make it more spacious. Here you will get 21 ways to make your small kitchen look bigger.

We desire an open kitchen with high roofs that is bright with sunlight pouring through huge windows. However, most of the time the kitchen is not that huge nor appealing   Fortunately, many small kitchen ideas will expand capacity and proficiency with the correct little space arrangements and classy design, it truly doesn’t make a difference what size of your space is.

Truly a large number of us need to surrender to reality: ‘restricted space’, ‘narrow counters’, squeezed cooking surfaces, no extra space for house cores, and so on.

So there is good news for those who can’t extend their kitchen walls because of small budgets or whatever reason – you can make an impression of spacious kitchen space with a couple of astute tricks.

1. Make It More Spacious By Limited Elements

Limited Elements Small Kitchen Design


Image Credit:- Styledegree

You truly don’t have to mass your ledges and racks with a customary mess. The outcome might be a space that appears as though it is blasting at the creases. 

It is a vastly improved plan to zero in on the necessities and things that you like to flaunt and shroud the rest away. The model above shows how neat and sorted out the kitchen looks. The kitchen will no longer be congested and looks spacious. This is one of the best ways to have a simple and neat kitchen.

2. Use White Color In Small Kitchen Design

White Small Kitchen Design

White is your companion in a little kitchen. It reflects light, improving the feeling of the room and causing the walls to retreat. At the point when you remember white for cabinets, walls, and the roof, you make a consistent space without edges or limits. Utilize a few shades of white in your little kitchen design, and consolidate differentiating surfaces to keep an all-white room.

The best little kitchen thoughts use materials as a bit of leeway. You can have smart surfaces, for example, artistic tile, marble ledges, and steel. These glossy surfaces will reflect the light quietly enhance the impacts of brightness in the kitchen, in this manner making small kitchens appear to be bigger. Furthermore, extra lighting improves usefulness. Under Cabinet, lights prove to be useful while cooking.

3. Grasp The Galley

Galley Small Kitchen Design

When you don’t have sufficient space for a kitchen, ‘Galley’ kitchen is very usual in compact spaces where a more extensive L shaped or open idea kitchen isn’t possible. This is an effective plan that is generally appropriate for homes with isolated families or couples. A home where different cooks consistently make food simultaneously will require a deliberately arranged galley kitchen.

4. Squander No Space

Remember to utilize even the smallest of niches to benefit from your little kitchen. For an instance, a cabinet at below your sink, it is a helpful method to store wipes and other essential things for washing utensils. That would in some way or another occupy important counter rooms and arrange space for other essential things.

5. Choose An Extraordinary Backsplash

Backsplash Small Kitchen Design

Little kitchens are normal in Indian homes today and the greater part of us can just fantasize about having a huge space. One of the manners in which you can make your small kitchen design look greater is by introducing an incredible backsplash. They fill the double needs of style and usefulness. 

For example, you can have a Glass backsplash that will create the illusion of space.

Or you can have a window surrounded by simple yet antique backsplashes. There are many other options you can choose for making your small kitchen interesting through backsplashes.

6. Arrange Heavy Equipment And Push It Up

Equipment Small Kitchen Design

Few kitchen devices that are important but require more space. The microwave is consistently an issue in kitchen plans, as in, “Where to put it?” Balance it over the oven? However, at that point, you lose the opportunity for an authentic kitchen hood. Make a devoted, eye-level rack? Be that as it may, at that point you lose cupboards. There will never be a decent spot for the monster. The area appeared here, knee-high in a base bureau, is in the same class as any.

7. Avoid Solid Cabinets

Open Cabinet Small Kitchen Design

With regards to cabinets, there’s one significant standard to follow for small kitchens: utilization of every space. At the point when space is less, squandering it is wrongdoing. Try not to be hesitant to pick cabinets that stretch outright to the roof only if the roofs are not too high. Occupy empty spaces, even little ones with cabin space. For a small kitchen design consider sliding cabinets and avoid solid cabinets. That will surely add space to your kitchen.

8. Choose Open Cabinets

Avoid Solid Small Kitchen Design

Open cabinet options work in kitchens to make it look spacious. So if your kitchen doesn’t fit standard measurements, open racks are your smartest option. With the correct decision of material and shading, they can make any kitchen seem bigger.

Perhaps the best thing about open cabinets is that the kitchen cupboards fit anyplace. If your kitchen is not the latest, open racks are an extraordinary method to save space.

9. Try Reducing Hardware

It’s an easy decision to keep counter space mess-free and it’s significant for keeping a kitchen looking open, however, you can make this cleaner by eliminating the extra equipment.

Using a cabinets door with contact initiated latches instead of handles It likewise gives you less little things to catch and avoid getting your garments trapped in things, so space will feel simpler to move around in as well.

10. Add A Rug

Rug Small Kitchen Design

Kitchen carpets are another best and simple approach to a bigger kitchen. If you have a restricted kitchen, think about utilizing a Rug. This will help give measurement and stretch your space.

You need to discover a mat that supplements your kitchen theme however doesn’t feature overpowering examples that could mess your space. For instance, if you have marble kitchen counters, consider the Marble Design floor covering, which consolidates basic hints of cream and gold twirls in its design.

11. Use Mirror In Your Small Kitchen Design

Mirror Small Kitchen Design

The best and unique way to make your room look bigger is to add mirrors. Utilize a point of convergence and edge your mirrors toward it to give the hallucination of depth. Mirrors likewise reflect both normal and artificial light to make a room more bright. during the day and night. 

They bob light profoundly into the room, causing it to show up more spacious. Placing a mirror near the window to mirror the outside is particularly compelling. Mirrors on the walls and table will give your room a more open feel. You can likewise utilize glass cabinet ways to cause spaces to feel bigger.

12. Use Bright Colors

Bright Small Kitchen Design

Image Credit:- Deezen

Changing the shade of your kitchen is easy and not very expensive, it’s a straightforward update that will cause a space to feel greater. White kitchens are the best color for making your kitchen look more vibrant and huge. 

If you need to go for something more splendid, you can have a light yellow radiant kitchen. Light green and greenish-blue are on pattern conceal and tones for adding to a white kitchen. You can supplement this look with some green plants or blossoms.

13. Over-The-Sink Dish Drying Rack

Small kitchens always battle with space. However, presently you’ll not gripe about the little space over the sink steel dish rack. This space-sparing unit offers adequate space to keep your kitchen supplies. Rather than keeping all the dishes and devices in a single huge space, there are compartments for explicit sorts. Comprehensively, there are 6 compartments for various drying. These incorporate dishes, blades, forks, cutting sheets, and so on. Also, a little steel rack as an afterthought lets you keep the scour cushions and dishwashing fluid close by. 

14. Try A Foldable Table In The Kitchen

Foldable Table Small Kitchen Design

Regardless of whether your kitchen is big or small, a fold-out table can help include additional floor space. Gone are the times of attempting to discover a spot for the kitchen table or venturing around one. 

One reward is that you are collapsing the table away when you are finished eating. So it’s not one all the more level space for you to toss your things onto and leave. This would give you more space and more light to the kitchen.

15. Hang Pots And Pans

Pots And Pans


Hanging pots and containers is an incredible method to spare cabinet space while additionally keeping regular kitchen things close enough. Hang pots and pans. You can make a magnetic strip for knives or with a rope you can adjust your pans and pots without spending any space and making it handier.

16. Use Shiny And Reflective Materials

Reflective Cabinet Small Kitchen Design

Shiny and reflective surfaces are very valuable with regards to making your kitchen look greater. Arranging shiny surfaces will help in the impression of light and present the deception of having a bigger and more lit up space. One right method of utilizing these surfaces in your kitchen is to cover the table and seats, or some other furniture accessible, with shiny, reflecting material.

With it, the ground surface of the kitchen should be possible by utilizing sparkly, finished wood, which again will assist the light source with reflecting and make the room greater and more splendid. Combined with under cabinet lighting and countertops like shiny polished quartz, that is the best transition and adds the illusion of bigger space.

17. Stick To A Similar Palette


An easy way to make your kitchen look bigger is to add shades from the same family to accomplish a consistent, even look without any blocks. Still, if you love to try different colors, stick to only 2-3 more shades for your kitchen. Your most ideal choice is to have a nonpartisan design with more vibrant colors used in different apparatuses, cabinet handles, and even a backsplash.

18. Use Plants To Add Life To The Small Kitchen

Plants Small Kitchen Design

Consider adding plants to your kitchen as bits of artistry. Regardless of whether it’s a touch of hanging eucalyptus or any herbs, it’s your own variety of fine art made of hanging plants and blossoms, there are unlimited approaches to fuse plants into your fine art. This is an inventive and super space-saving approach to spice up your kitchen.

19. Smart Kitchen Idea

Smart Kitchen Idea

Smart Kitchen is how you make your kitchen less complex with more advanced apparatuses as conceivable to clear a path for space. Do this by selecting folding tables or multipurpose apparatuses like choppers and juicer within the mixer, or oven in the microwave. Make these underlying as much as possible, with the goal that they don’t consume counter space.

20. Avoid Too Much Of Personal Touches

If you already have a small kitchen but you want to keep your favorite frames and drawings in the kitchen that will make is more congested so it good to avoid lot many personal touches in form of frames and decorative materials

But those added frames to your kitchen mirror your character and cause the space to feel like home, anyway such a large number of children’s canvases and lots of fridge magnets adhered to the refrigerator and little knick-knack pots on the windows will cause a little kitchen to feel too occupied.

Select your preferred adornments and mastermind them on a rack and casing any exceptional fine art. 

21. Choose Glass Door For Kitchen

Glass Door Small Kitchen Design

If your kitchen is small you can smarty add wood floors reach out to a contiguous deck through glass doors, you can make it such that it directly touches balcony or plantation areas that will make your kitchen look more gloomy and brighter, along with adding making it look more spacious.


Confined and dull kitchens can cause us to feel low while strolling into a lighter, more vibrant kitchen can quickly lift your soul.

There is no motivation behind why a small kitchen can’t radiate some genuine style and feel more spacious than it really is. A kitchen of any size can feel large only when you realize some basic plan stunts to benefit as much as possible from the space.

Many kitchens in metropolitan regions are too small, yet they are seemingly the most appealing kitchens around, reflecting both living standards and some keen space-sparing arrangements.

Above are 21 ways that will surely help you to make your smaller place look bigger, that you desired for.