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      Kitchen Layout is one of the most important parts of kitchen design. As it allows the movement of the person in the kitchen in the most comfortable manner. The layouts have evolved from traditional triangle concepts to more practical “work zone”  concepts.

 There is 6 kitchen layout that is still useful in today’s lifestyle with some changes.

1) One wall kitchen

2) Galley Kitchen 

3) L-shape Kitchen 

4) U shape Kitchen

5) Island Kitchen

6) Peninsula Kitchen

1)  One Wall Kitchen Layout

One Wall Kitchen Layout

    This is the simplest form of the kitchen which is functional and space-efficient and it is usually found in smaller kitchens. All the components of the kitchen area on a single wall with shelving above the base cabinet or having upper and lower cabinets. 

How Single Wall Kitchen Works

    The traditional kitchen work triangle is not possible in this type of kitchen layout so all you have to think is vertical. All you have is the length of the single wall so taking cabinets as long as possible to have extra storage space. Try to put the sink at one end, hob in the middle, and refrigerator at the other end of the wall. If your ceiling height is less than try to utilize space for a display area or you can have little storage above the base cabinet.

2) Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley Kitchen Layout

    The inner Passage or a galley is formed when two rows of cabinets are facing each other. This layout makes economical use of every cabinet by minimizing space wastage and thus making it a cost-efficient option.

How Galley Kitchen Works

     Work triangles can be formed so it is possible to work with multiple cooks and eliminate the risk of injuries. Galley kitchens offer more flexibility when it comes to storage spaces so it is more suitable for bigger families.

3) The L-shaped Kitchen Layout

L-shape Kitchen Layout   

     The L-shaped kitchen layout is formed when the kitchen cabinets are placed perpendicular to each other. Its practical layout for both large and small kitchen. The placements of work zones and appliances offer greater flexibility and more efficient use of space. It is advisable to keep the distance between two legs of less than 4.5m for ease of use.

How the L-shaped  Works

      Make sure you utilize maximum space at the corner by properly planning it so that you can gain huge storage space in the kitchen. You can provide a breakfast table on the opposite side of the platform, further adding your family enjoyment to the room.

4) The U-shaped Kitchen Layout

U-shaped Kitchen Layout

     For a larger kitchen, it is a great layout. A U-shaped is by placing cabinets on three adjacent walls. You will feel enclosed if you place upper cabinets on all the three walls, so try to put cabinets on one or two walls with shelving or focal tile on the other. The layout provides greater storage, good workflow, and multiple users at the same time.       

How the U-shaped Kitchen Works

     An uninterrupted kitchen work triangle will be formed by placing work areas opposite to each other so make the best use of the space. An uncluttered kitchen space will be formed by keeping the area of the window open.    

5) The Island Kitchen Layout

Island Kitchen Layout

     The island kitchen requires a large spatial area and its placement allows the natural flow of traffic around the kitchen. The island provides you a good storage space or you can use it as a huge surface area. You can use the island for cooking purposes or a preparation bowl or wine fridge. If not used as a cooking surface you can use it for your family enjoying a meal.

How The Island Kitchen Works

      As the island is located in the middle of the kitchen you can use decorative task lighting above it giving you a nice visual feel. You can use the island as a work area and social area for interaction with your family member while food is being prepared.

6) The Peninsula Kitchen Layout 

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

      When space does not allow the installation of an island kitchen but you are fond of that in these situations peninsula kitchen layout comes into the picture. A counter is taken out from the wall or cabinetry and it is used for food preparation or as a breakfast table.

How The Peninsula Kitchen Works 

      A peninsula kitchen is a great option when kitchen space is small. A counter of the peninsula acts as a divider between two rooms giving you an open feel of the area.


     At last, one must ensure that your kitchen layout should be more practical and functional. Whether your kitchen area is large or small, a clever layout should be such that you should use most of that space. 

Refer the following images of the kitchen layout to know more about kitchen standard size:

(For Information Only)

1)  One Wall Kitchen With Dimension

2) Galley Kitchen With Dimension

3) L-shaped Kitchen With Dimension

4) U -Shape Kitchen With Dimension

5) Island Kitchen With With Dimension

6) Peninsula Kitchen With Dimension

Peninsula Kitchen Layout With Dimension

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